Second Opinion Service

We don’t think your financial health should be treated any differently that your physical health.

If you had a major medical condition, you’d likely get a second opinion. It’s not that you don’t trust your doctor, rather you want to be as fully informed on your condition as possible. Often, having different professional opinions is extremely helpful in both the outcome and your confidence.

Our Second Opinion Service begins with our Discovery Meeting. This is part of our process and is in-depth to understand and “diagnose” your current condition. As a practical matter, this is about us asking questions and listening to what’s most important to you.


What to Expect

We will meet with you to understand your current situation, your goals, your concerns, and understand where there are gaps between your financial concerns and your life goals.  If you’re on the best path, we’ll confirm that and show you why we believe you’re doing just fine.  If not, we’ll evaluate if we are the right advisors for you.  We limit our practice only to those whom we believe are a good fit and who we may help greatly.  If we are not the right advisor for you, we will help point you in the right direction. Either way, you will receive a personalized analysis of your current situation.

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