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Our critical mission is that the client is #1 in all that we do.  Your goals, your family, your benchmarks, and striving toward your desired outcomes are why we exist.

The process begins with listening not only to what is said but what is behind the statements, the why and the desire.  After careful consideration of all the information we develop strategies based on your goals, monitor progress and, most likely, communicate too much (you let us know if that happens).

Many clients enjoy state-of-the-art connections to their finances.  We offer varying degrees of reporting at your fingertips.  Heck, you can even link all of your accounts to see what’s happening in “real” time.

Frankly, there is no one-size-fits-all approach.  Your unique circumstances, goals, and aspirations are what we need to know to make the most suitable investment decisions.  We are bound by fiduciary standards, both legally and ethically required, to work in your best interest.  Fees are pre-agreed as a percentage of assets, never on a commission basis.

Additionally, we have relationships with many area professionals when additional needs are discovered.  For example, trust planning, tax preparation, CFO services, and a host of other services that are simply outside of our expertise.  We recognize our limitations and prefer to offer referrals to other complimentary and highly competent professionals.  Our only compensation for any referral is your satisfaction.

We look forward to working with you!

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