5 Lifestyle Habits of Financially Successful People

Retirement: it’s the American dream. This is why we plan our escape from the rat-racing, corporate ladder-climbing, 9-to-5-ing of our jobs. We want to see the endless meetings, difficult clients, and the tyranny of the urgent fade in the rearview mirrors. We want the...

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Why We Offer Financial Services Like a Concierge

“Does your financial advisor have your best interests in mind?” The answer may seem obvious: why wouldn’t your financial advisor have your best interests in mind? Would you have hired them if they didn’t have your back in every investment decision? Unfortunately, many...

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2018 Tax Reform – Impact on Investing

There’s been a great deal of conversation regarding the recent changes in U.S. tax laws.  We’ll focus only on the facts.  This is not tax advice.  Full Circle Financial of Colorado and Cambridge Investment Research do not provide tax or legal advice.  I encourage you...

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Why I became an Investment Advisor Representative

I believe that it’s important for clients and potential clients to know who I am and why I decided to become an Investment Advisor Representative. Before we get to the business at hand, I’d like for you to know me.  My wife, Lori, and I have been married since 1985. ...

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