I believe that it’s important for clients and potential clients to know who I am and why I decided to become an Investment Advisor Representative.

Before we get to the business at hand, I’d like for you to know me.  My wife, Lori, and I have been married since 1985.  We have three children, all boys.  Two are now through college and have career positions and the youngest is soon to be on his way to Montana State to study mechanical and aeronautical engineering.

After college I began my career with what was The Equitable of the United States, now AXA.  I moved into the trucking business for roughly 10 years then began purchasing, growing and selling a number of businesses in the service and professional service industries.

Along the path I found that many, many people simply did not have the time, experience, or information to get on a disciplined financial path.  Sure, they saved from time-to-time but really didn’t have a formalized financial plan.  Even if they did have a plan, few knew of a path to minimize risk while positioning to potentially take advantage of favorable market conditions.

My goal is to help people obtain their financial objectives.  Hence, the reason we started Full Circle Financial of Colorado.  We like to use the ® method of helping people reach their goals.  What’s ®?

Understand.  Without first understanding your unique circumstances, your objectives, your challenges we are hard pressed to make suitable recommendations uniquely tailored for you.  Our team has helped people with 529 Plans, IRA’s, 401K rollovers, Simple IRA’s, retirement investment accounts, and Solo K’s to name a few.  With the passage of sweeping changes in the 2018 Tax Overhaul comes uncertainty for many.  What may have made perfect financial sense in the past may need to be altered as we move forward together.  Understanding you, your goals, your ambitions, your desires, your tolerance for risk, and how you define success is paramount to the process.

Utilize:  Our relationship with Cambridge Investment Research gives us access to a state-of-the-art Independent Broker Dealer.  The platforms available and the experience at our fingertips allow for the purchase of institutional share classes with highly attractive expense ratios helping us maximize potential returns.  There are no guarantees when investing but there exists the expectation of using some of the best data available in making informed decisions.

Be understood:  We put on our shoes in the morning just like you.  If you ask us the time, we’ll tell you the time.  If you want to know how the watch is built, we’ll do that too.  It’s important to know that the person you’re relying upon is capable of both telling you the time and explaining how the watch is built.  We make it a priority to communicate regularly with our clients regarding their concerns and our concerns within the market.  Also, you can rest assured that you’ll have regular conversations regarding performance, your goals, and any changes in your aspirations.  A regular feedback loop is established with all clients and is tailored to what is important to them.

To be most helpful to you, we need to meet you where you are, make you our number one priority, listen carefully, research fully, deliver consistently on our promise and, as they say, rinse and repeat.  You need to know that, outside of someone with your same last name, we care as much, or more, for your financial well-being.

If this sounds like a conversation you’d like to continue, please let me know by clicking on this link to schedule a follow-up conversation.  I look forward to meeting with you


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